LottoCoin - The winners choice [LOT]. LottoCoin is a p2p crypto coin based on scrypt PoW, descendant of Litecoin which uses random block features. Initially it creates random coins between 256 and 65536 (256*256) coins per block. It also generates random superblocks where miners can win big! The Daily Super Lotto is 1,048,576 coins for the winning block. There's also a Semi Daily Lotto for 262,144 coins and an Hourly Lotto for 131,072 coins. Even at higher difficulties there's always a chance to hit the jackpot. LottoCoin also makes a great crypto coin for playing online games.

This months Best Games:

  • RapidBalls

  • coin bomb

  • lotto Horse

  • lotto wheel

  • Ponzi!

  • lotto dice

  • lotto casino

  • lotwin casino

  • Texas Holdem

  • Bomb Sweeper

  • Cointography

  • Super Slot

Countdown till block halving
(block 1296000)

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Merchant Benefits:

- Get instantly paid, with zero fees.
- Have 100% protection from chargebacks.
- Enjoy Instant transactions anywhere in the world.
- No contracts, bank or merchant account needed.

Consumer Benefits:

- Pay anyone in the world instantly.
- Enjoy a large number of merchants & games.
- Receive your winnings instantly.
- No bank account or creditcard needed.

Miner Benefits:

- 30 Second block times.
- Random block rewards, and Lotto prizes
- 3 Monthly block halvings
- Huge selection of mining pools.
Lottocoin info
- 30 seconds block times, Which means Fast confirming transactions.
- Difficulty retargets every block, so diff chasers cant stripmine.
- Initially random 256 - 65536 coins per block.
- Hourly, semi-daily and daily superblocks:
Hourly lotto initially 131072 coins per block.
Semi-daily lotto initially 262144 coins per block.
Daily lotto initially 1048576 coins per block.
- 4 confirmations for transaction.
- 60 confirmations for minted blocks.
- Total coins will be around 18,406,979,840 coins.
- Transaction messaging.
- The payout will be halved every 3 months.
- The minimum payout per block will be 1 coin.